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Using Sweet Rice Flour!

March 21, 2013

Today a friend gave us five pounds of Asian Sweet Rice Flour.  I know that many things I’ve gotten in Asian restaurants is made with this, my favorites being Sesame Seed Puffs and Mochi. In looking for recipes (that wouldn’t need too much tweaking)  I found THIS website. Not everything there is vegan, and several of the recipes have ingredients that I can’t eat, but the recipes I really want to try, and that are good as they stand are:
Sweet Coconut Rice Balls (without the food coloring.)

Dim Sum Wrappers (Sweet or Savory.)

Sesame Seed Puffs (Though I can’t eat the bean paste, and am also not sure what to use instead of the vegetable shortening if you did make it…possibly Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread would work, but I’ll need to think of an entirely different filling.)

Tikoy (I had to look up what this was, and found a slightly different recipe that has more thorough instructions, including a video.) It’s not in pure English, but watching and listening I was able to make sense of it.

Coconut Mochi

Another type of Mochi (Dila-Dila)

I’m excited to try some of these, and I’ll keep you posted on the results! Hopefully I remember to take pictures before I eat them all…I’ve made a few things recently but keep forgetting to take pictures! I’ll just have to make them again and make it a point to take pictures.

(I’m still in the middle of my gluten challenge, and will keep you posted once I get testing and diagnostics done.) is the main URL in case the links above didn’t work