Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 27

July 12, 2014

It’s hard to believe that this challenge is almost over. Monday I’ll be starting a different challenge that I may post about. It’s hosted by the Facebook group “Everyday Babywearing.” It’s a challenge to use only one baby carrier for a week. It’s to show how accessible it is to wear your baby. Anyway, my report for today is mediocre. Breakfast was a fruit smoothie, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Lunch was vegetable mei (mai?) fun. White processed rice noodles. Dinner was lentil tacos. I walked a good amount today, but didn’t do my stretches. I had about 4 bottles of water. My feet really don’t like crocs for extensive walking, even when I wear socks.

Do you like taking challenges?


Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 26

July 11, 2014

Today was crazy and I ended up skipping breakfast. I had a early much of veggies, hummus, and organic corn chips. Snack was grapes. Dinner was veggie sushi. I walked a lot today (I didn’t time or measure, but enough that my feet are sore! I didn’t do my stretches, but I’ve had six bottles of water today.

Do you track how much you walk? If so, do you measure steps, time, or distance?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 25

July 10, 2014

Today was busy, but I stayed on track. I did my stretches and time on the health walker first thing when I woke up. I’ve had more than five bottles of water. Breakfast was gluten free oatmeal with ground flax seed, dried fruit, and brown sugar. Lunch was a “use it up” salad of veggies that had been in the fridge and needed to be used before going bad. Dinner was falafel and sweet potato puffs. That was a weird combination. I’m pleased with today despite hodge podge meals.

What are your favorite “use it up” recipes?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 24

July 9, 2014

Plans to visit family have me distracted, so some choices haven’t been so great. It’s actually sort of self sabotage since I could be doing well now, but when we travel it’ll be harder to stay on track. Part of it is that I’m trying to get as much paid work done as I can during the day, since when we are traveling I won’t be being paid. Breakfast was oatmeal with dried fruit and brown sugar. Lunch was lentil soup and organic cotton tortilla chips. Dinner was baked potato wedges, pickle wedges, an avocado, and grapes. Snacks were pumpkin seeds and skittles. I did my stretches but didn’t end up walking. I drank about five bottles of water.

How do you keep yourself on track when preparing for a trip or while traveling?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 23

July 8, 2014

Today I went with Hubby to work. It was the day they go to the “city” for shopping. I needed a few things, so went with them. I also help the seniors with their shopping. Since we had to leave early I didn’t do my stretches or morning exercise. I did eat my regular breakfast because it was prepared last night. Lunch was a salad bar buffet style restaurant. Dinner was leftover potato salad. My snacks today were pumpkin seeds and skittles. I managed about five bottles of water today. I was pretty active walking through the stores, so I’m not too disappointed in today.

What are your favorite “on the road” snacks?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 22

July 8, 2014

Today was not a bad day, but I didn’t walk, and I still fell short on water intake. I did my stretches first thing this morning, and I saw the chiropractor this afternoon. Breakfast was my usual. A snack was a handful of cherries, then a few olives and a small bag of popcorn. Lunch was leftover sushi. Dinner was vegan potato salad and a steamed artichoke. I woke up late, then had to run errands during the latter time I can usually walk. (I update these posts while nursing the baby to sleep.)

What do you do when your day seems to prevent exercise?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 21

July 6, 2014

I bet no one can guess what I had for breakfast! Did you guess that I had my usual seed cereal? If so, you were wrong! We had blueberry buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Lunch was my last prepared salad jar and a few tater tots. Dinner was veggie sushi. I did my stretches and exercised first thing this morning, but water still was a failure. I had three bottles today. I mostly had a lazy day and just kept forgetting to drink.

What’s your best trick for remembering to drink enough water?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 20

July 5, 2014

Today was Sabbath, which sometimes means my meal choices aren’t the healthiest, but it’s only occasional, so I don’t worry too much about it. I had my usual breakfast because I prepared it last night. Lunch was split. First I had veggie soup and tostada shells at was small because a lot of people are out of town, but everyone had plenty. When I got home I ate a jar salad. It was pointed out that I never explained what a “jar salad” is. The short explanation is that it’s a layered vegetable salad stored in mason jars. The layers are ordered so that things keep well for several days. My current ones have seasoned quinoa, sliced carrots, sliced radishes, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, sliced bell pepper, sliced cucumber, and chopped romaine lettuce. The cucumber is all that isn’t holding up well, but it was older too start with. Dinner was leftover roasted veggies and lentil scramble. I had the last of my coconut milk ice cream too. I’m comfortable with my food choices today. I don’t necessarily avoid activity on Sabbath, but I don’t stress of I don’t walk either. Today I didn’t. I did only have three bottles of water today since I don’t drink well while driving, and it’s also hard when I’m out and about. I also stopped in the scale last night, (so again, weighing full as opposed to empty,) and it read 153, so trending in the right direction. Baby C isn’t complaining any, so my choices are allowing my milk production to be sufficient. That’s a priority!

Do you allow yourself a day occasionally where you don’t worry too much about perfectly healthy choices?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 19

July 4, 2014

Today was great. I had my usual breakfast, which is always good. Lunch was a “salad in a jar” and a few tater tots, which was also good. Dinner was roasted root veggies (not really a summery meal, but we had root veggies, and that’s one way we like them!) I had a healthy desert of my orange juice concentrate/canned coconut milk frozen concoction. I had six bottles of water, which I realized is actually pretty close to my goal of 108 ounces per day, and as someone in the challenge group pointed out, my food contains some moisture as well, which counts! (Hm…long sentence anyone!?) I did my stretches and time on the health walker first thing this morning, and then spent all day cleaning the house. We moved furniture, I sorted and put things away, and I see a difference there too! Now I’m exhausted, so I’ll be heading to bed soon.

Happy Sabbath! Enjoy your day. I’ll be having a potluck fellowship meal after church tomorrow. I’m bringing vegetable soup, so will be able to have a good lunch no matter what else there is. What types of dishes do you bring to potlucks?

Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 18

July 3, 2014

I think I’m losing steam on this challenge. Breakfast was my usual, so good. I had a snack while waiting for Hubby to come home for lunch. Lunch was a jar salad that I made yesterday, and some homemade coconut milk ice cream. Dinner was a lentil scramble and an avocado. As far as food goes, I’m doing pretty well. I also did my stretches and time on the health walker, so I did alright for activity too. Maybe I’m just having a hard time with water intake. I only had five bottles (16 ounces each) today. I’m supposed to shoot for about 100+ ounces each day. When I’m not at the computer I get busy doing things and forget to drink.

How do you make sure you get enough water?