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Pregnancy and birth…the abridged version.

April 2, 2014

Today I’m sharing my pregnancy and birth experience. I’ll elaborate on parts of it later based on interest. Like I said…this is the abridged version.

Getting pregnant
When I decided that I did indeed want children (that process in itself is a long story,) I never considered that it would be difficult. After so many years of preventing pregnancy, surely it’d be easy. Well, it wasn’t. I did get pregnant that first year, but had a miscarriage. That baby would have been born the end of January, 2011. I didn’t get pregnant again until March of 2013.

Being pregnant
Throughout the pregnancy I was terrified of losing the baby. It was a relatively easy pregnancy physically. I didn’t really have morning sickness though I did have a few food aversions and a keen sense of smell. Once I reached the point of viability, (around 28 weeks,) I started to relax. I had been worried about my back issues worsening as I got larger, but I actually was in less pain than when not pregnant. I did develop PUPPPs rash towards the end of the pregnancy, and that was pretty miserable, but still not as bad as things could have been. I’d been planning a home water birth with a midwife, and my doctor saw no reasons to stop me. If he’d had concerns I’d have considered changing my plans. I went into labor at 42 weeks.

I woke around 1:30am on a Tuesday to go to the bathroom. I noticed I was contracting, but not so much that I felt the need to wake my husband. I laid down and tried to go back to sleep. Hubby woke up a few hours later and I let him know what was going on. We have the midwife a heads up, and started getting ready. We set up the pool, got the hose connected, picked an outfit, and mixed up my labor-ade. In the early afternoon the contractions picked up, and the midwife and doula came over. My contractions were stacked, and even when they would have a pause there was intense pain across my pelvis. When I got in the pool it helped a little bit, but it eventually was to a point where no matter where I was or what position the pain wouldn’t subside.

After about 24 hours of laboring I hadn’t dilated much, and the baby hadn’t moved down any further than he’d been when I started. I was in pain and getting exhausted. We discussed options, and decided that transferring to the hospital was the next step. If I got an epidural maybe I’d be able to relax enough to finish dilating and could get some rest before needing to push. My doctor was surprised to see me, but approved the epidural. It definitely took the pain away, but I still took my time dilating. Finally, sometime late afternoon or early evening on Wednesday I was fully dilated and told it was time to push. They turned down the epidural, (I thought they’d turned out of entirely,) my water finally broke, and for another couple of hours I pushed. The pain only got worse, and he still didn’t get any lower. There also was meconium in the fluid. After over 40 hours of labor we decided a c-section was needed.

The anesthesiologist was called in, and I was proud for surgery. The pain was so intense, that after they had me on the operating table and got the epidural turned back up I passed out from the relief. I woke up to hubby holding a swaddled baby to my face so I could meet our son. I slept through the birth, and his first cries. I didn’t get immediate skin to skin, and I had to wait until I was in our hospital room to get to nurse. Missing out on those things can never be replaced, and I mourn that. I’m glad we’re both ok since it turned out his head was in such a position that he couldn’t have gotten out naturally. He had a deep ridge across his head because the pain I was feeling even between contractions was his head being jammed against my pelvis. The doctor made sure to show hubby that so I would know the surgery really was necessary, and I had done all that I could. About 44 hours after I knew I was in labor our healthy baby boy was born. He weighed 7#13oz and was 21″ long with a full head of hair, and despite the drugs was very alert and was able to nurse well right away. I’m so grateful for those things.

The hospital stay was tedious, but I was glad for our small town. I have been friends with the ladies who work in the hospital kitchen for years. They made sure I didn’t starve and that I got food I could eat without getting sick. I’m grateful to them. I hadn’t planned on surgery, so it took some juggling to get things done at home, and the “home birth” baby shirts got me a bit emotional for a while, but we’re doing well so far. I was able to have my placenta released to my midwife. She helped me out by encapsulating it for postpartum use, and it has helped moderate the hormone fluctuations. I recommend it to anyone.

My birth was far from what I’d planned, but I know that for the most part it went the way it needed to. I mourn the things we weren’t able to do, but overall all elated to have our precious little guy. He’s shown us what true love is.