Everyday Babywearing Challenge – Day 9

Today was the final day of the #onlyneedone challenge. The short cross carry with ring finish served us well again today. The cashier at the restaurant we ate lunch at asked about my wrap because she’s expecting. There was a line, so I gave her a short answer, then later went back and gave her information about the “Everyday Babywearing” group on Facebook. What’s funny is that when she first saw me and asked, I had the wrap on without the baby. Hubby had carried him in from the car. She still knew what it was.

This challenge showed my that even though it’s not the nicest wrap, a simple DIY wrap of medium length can serve well for most situations. I wasn’t home much so didn’t get to practice back carries much, but I know they’re doable. The wrap I used for the challenge cost me about $20 in materials, plus an optional ring for about $5. It took a couple of hours labor to measure, wash, iron, cut and hem it. The real woven wraps that are made specifically for carrying babies are smoother and prettier, but also cost at least four times as much, but one simple one can get the job done.

When the DIY version will function well enough, do you still seek out the nicer professional version?


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4 Responses to “Everyday Babywearing Challenge – Day 9”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    That’s so cool! I love that strangers approach you about wrapping, and babywearing…how times change. It’s awesome.

  2. Annemarie Says:

    I’ve never worn Dwyn (certainly not lately) but whether I went with homemade or professionally-made wraps would depend on how paranoid I felt about dropping her. I had a storebought denim carrier that was a present — could be used on front or back, great for airplane rides — and it was so sturdy I probably could have stuffed an elephant in there too. I think I would have been too nervous a mom to go with homemade, just don’t trust myself enough. Or am just that clumsy.

    • AmyKathryn Says:

      I definitely prefer professionally made carriers, but since I can’t afford the professional woven wraps (they are $100+) and the only sewing the DIY version required was hemming, I am ok with it for now. The seams aren’t weight bearing, so if they fail it won’t matter too much. Osnaburg fabric is widely used for the DIY wraps, and since that’s what I could afford, that’s what I am doing. There is a little worry because it’s not woven to be a baby carrier, so isn’t weight tested or anything. The sewn carriers, like mei tais that have straps, I’m not sure I’d trust sewing myself at all.

      I also have to say I laughed out loud at the idea of you wearing Dwyn lately!

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