Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Reflections, Everyday Babywearing Challenge – Day 7

The “Focused on Success” challenge has ended. I’ll take my measurements tomorrow, but I’m not too worried about what they say. The challenge has helped me to be more aware of my food choices, water intake, and activity level. It has also encouraged me to make better choices when eating, stay on top of hydration, and to be more intentionally active. It was a good experience. I hope to continue being aware of these things going forward.

What helps you stick to good habits you’re trying to instill into daily life?

I wore Baby C in a short cross carry with ring finish most of the day. While I was out today I met and ended up waiting with a woman who has a baby just a couple of weeks older than Baby C. She didn’t have him wrapped, but she seemed familiar with the concept because she told her baby, “Doesn’t he look snuggly in his wrap?” We were both working on solving a problem so didn’t get to chat, but the babies were having fun together. It was cute. Her baby is in about the third percentile, and my chunk is around the eighty-fifth percentile, so there was a huge size difference. Her mother was there and apparently owns a bed and breakfast in the same town that Hubby and I met in. I can’t remember the name, so I’ll have to try searching for it and see if it jumps out at me.

Do you strike up conversations with strangers when you’re stuck waiting?


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