Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 31, Everyday Babywearing Challenge – Day 4

I goofed. The “Focused on Success”challenge is a month long, not 30 days. Today I ate well. I had my regular cereal for breakfast. Lunch was sushi and a gluten free vegan pizza. Dinner was quinoa pasta with a homemade sauce. A snack was an Italian ice, and desert was some gluten free vegan coconut cookie dough ice cream and fresh cherries. I had four or five bottles of water. I didn’t do my stretches, but we went on a family walk that’s longer than my usual walk by about four times. I have blisters on my feet.

What your of shoes are most comfortable for you to walk in?

I wore Baby C at the grocery store in a short cross carry tied at the shoulder with a slip knot. Later when we walked, first Hubby, then my father in law, carried him in the mei tai. Hubby wore him on his front, then his father wore the baby on his back. He fell asleep on Grandpa’s back! I also wore him in a ruck tied in front for his morning nap.

Who else will wear your baby?

(I also goofed on this one. It was supposed to start Monday, but I started Sunday. I’ll continue through Monday anyway. #onlyneedone carrier!)


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