Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 28, Everyday Babywearing Challenge – Day 1

Today I agree a lot of processed food, including some with ingredients I’m sensitive to. I found a commercially available bagel that I can eat. It’s not the same, but isn’t bad. It’s made by “omgrusureitsglutenfree.” Lunch was carrot dogs, marinated mushrooms, potato salad, fruit salad, veggie salad, and strawberry shortcake. Dinner sort of blended into lunch since it was a family gathering. I didn’t exercise, but I think I drank enough water.

Am I the only one that ends up at gatherings that are all afternoon buffets?

Today was the first day of the #onlyneedone baby carrier challenge, hosted by the Everyday Babywearing group on Facebook. I’ve committed to using a DIY woven wrap (hemmed osnaburg fabric that it about 27″ x 135″.) It works for a few carries, though I’m not comfortable with more than a couple. Today we used the short cross carry with ring finish. I also showed the same to our cousin, and may be helping her get one to use for her toddler. I used a medium aluminum sling ring from

Have you used a similar carrier?


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