Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 27

It’s hard to believe that this challenge is almost over. Monday I’ll be starting a different challenge that I may post about. It’s hosted by the Facebook group “Everyday Babywearing.” It’s a challenge to use only one baby carrier for a week. It’s to show how accessible it is to wear your baby. Anyway, my report for today is mediocre. Breakfast was a fruit smoothie, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Lunch was vegetable mei (mai?) fun. White processed rice noodles. Dinner was lentil tacos. I walked a good amount today, but didn’t do my stretches. I had about 4 bottles of water. My feet really don’t like crocs for extensive walking, even when I wear socks.

Do you like taking challenges?


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2 Responses to “Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 27”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    I like watching other people take challenges…

    Sounds like you did a great job, Amy! Congratulations!

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