Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 21

I bet no one can guess what I had for breakfast! Did you guess that I had my usual seed cereal? If so, you were wrong! We had blueberry buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Lunch was my last prepared salad jar and a few tater tots. Dinner was veggie sushi. I did my stretches and exercised first thing this morning, but water still was a failure. I had three bottles today. I mostly had a lazy day and just kept forgetting to drink.

What’s your best trick for remembering to drink enough water?


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2 Responses to “Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 21”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    That veggie sushi sounds good.

    No exercise today, so tired! Tomorrow will be better.

    • AmyKathryn Says:

      I make it a very lazy way, so far from authentic, but we like it. If we get together remind me and I can make it for our meal. Here’s to tomorrow!

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