Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 20

Today was Sabbath, which sometimes means my meal choices aren’t the healthiest, but it’s only occasional, so I don’t worry too much about it. I had my usual breakfast because I prepared it last night. Lunch was split. First I had veggie soup and tostada shells at was small because a lot of people are out of town, but everyone had plenty. When I got home I ate a jar salad. It was pointed out that I never explained what a “jar salad” is. The short explanation is that it’s a layered vegetable salad stored in mason jars. The layers are ordered so that things keep well for several days. My current ones have seasoned quinoa, sliced carrots, sliced radishes, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, sliced bell pepper, sliced cucumber, and chopped romaine lettuce. The cucumber is all that isn’t holding up well, but it was older too start with. Dinner was leftover roasted veggies and lentil scramble. I had the last of my coconut milk ice cream too. I’m comfortable with my food choices today. I don’t necessarily avoid activity on Sabbath, but I don’t stress of I don’t walk either. Today I didn’t. I did only have three bottles of water today since I don’t drink well while driving, and it’s also hard when I’m out and about. I also stopped in the scale last night, (so again, weighing full as opposed to empty,) and it read 153, so trending in the right direction. Baby C isn’t complaining any, so my choices are allowing my milk production to be sufficient. That’s a priority!

Do you allow yourself a day occasionally where you don’t worry too much about perfectly healthy choices?


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2 Responses to “Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 20”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    How long do jar salads live in the fridge? They sound good…

    And yes, I have days when I don’t worry too much about my choices. Far too many days…

    • AmyKathryn Says:

      I haven’t made any more than four days in advance, and they did fine for those four days. I think one or two more days would’ve been fine though.

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