Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 11

Today ended up being a mess. I started with my usual breakfast, but then left the house to run some errands. I didn’t drink as much water as I should’ve, but still a decent amount. I think it was about 80 ounces.

I are relatively well. I ate lunch with Hubby at his job, and it was pretty healthy. The side salad was iceberg lettuce. Otherwise it was steamed broccoli, sweet potato tots, canned pineapple, and fresh cherries. I had an afternoon snack of one of my “graze” boxes. Dinner was brown rice, lentils with spices, and canned carrots. That’ll be a couple of meals. I’m not sure the claims is good anymore…I’ll check for lunch tomorrow.

Exercise…that was a bust. We had a notice in the mail that required us gathering and submitting some documentation, and then we were locked out of the account. What should’ve taken five minutes took about an hour. Baby C feel asleep on my lap while we took care of the documents, and when we were done and I tried to move him he woke up and was upset. Consoling him consisted of nursing too sleep, and since that’s on the same room as the strider and it’s close to MY bedtime, I won’t be walking today. I did do my stretches this morning, but I’m actually kind of grumpy about not getting to walk today. Of course I might just be grumpy about dealing with the documentation.

What kind of choices did you make for your health today?


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