Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 7 (and a shameless plug for votes…)

Today I think I’m feeling better. I still have a bit of a headache, but that could be from not drinking enough water yesterday. (I really wasn’t awake that often TO drink, and my stomach wouldn’t tolerate more than a glass or so at a time.) Today I’ve done better with my water. Breakfast was my usual seed cereal. Lunch was mashed potatoes and peas, and dinner is going to be carrot dogs and my vegan coleslaw. (Seriously, if anyone is local to me and wants some, come get it…I have a gallon tupperware FULL of it, and while it’s yummy, I can’t eat that much!) I didn’t do my stretches or take a formal walk, but I think Baby C is taking a nap strike, so I’ve been pacing and bouncing him a good part of the day. (Enough to work up a sweat, so I’m counting it!)

Do you have a healthy plan for the day? What will you eat today? Have you been active?

Now, for the shameless plug for votes. I love wearing my baby. What this means is I like having him in a carrier that keeps him close to me while I get things done, and he also prefers to nap this way. It’s even sort of related to the challenge because carrying around his weight most of the day helps me burn a few more calories. (He weighs about 20 pounds now!) I have a couple of stretchy wraps that were great for while he was sma’ller, but now they get saggy and don’t support him as well, so are less comfortable for me. Woven wraps are supportive and adaptable for larger babies and toddlers. I am in the running to win a free one (they cost anywhere from $80 on up…mostly up!) If you’d like to help me win one, please follow this link: African GreyΒ and click the “like” button. (You do need to be logged into a Facebook account to do this.) I’m currently in 2nd place for votes for June. If I get the most points for the month, I will win a free wrap. (I’m not positive if it would be my design, or one they already produce, but either would be great!) Feel free to ask me to vote for your things too…I will if I can! πŸ™‚

Please click through and "like" this pattern to help me win a woven baby wrap! :)

Please click through and “like” this pattern to help me win a woven baby wrap! πŸ™‚


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11 Responses to “Focused on Success 30 Day Challenge – Day 7 (and a shameless plug for votes…)”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    done! I actually rejoined Facebook to do this, Amy, lol. (And then I plan to ignore my account.)

    I’m currently making pistachio milk so as to make non dairy pistachio ice cream. Am also slow-cooking a batch of pistachio milk based pudding. That’s not healthy. I’m not doing anything healthy today. Except maybe eating some fruit and walking to the post office.

    How do you make the carrot dogs and the vegan coleslaw?

    I like the African Grey pattern by the way.

    • AmyKathryn Says:

      I’ve tried replying to this three times already, but my keyboard keeps doing wonky things and making my typing jump all over the place including taking me off the page! Anyway…
      Thank you! I suppose that means I shouldn’t go find and “friend” you? πŸ™‚ Pistachios aren’t unhealthy (unless you can’t eat them…I can’t eat them, so they wouldn’t be healthy.) The sugar and such that you add, THAT might not be too healthy. It sounds yummy though! I’ll try to share the concept and recipe in today’s post. It’ll make sense since it’s my lunch. πŸ™‚

  2. Annemarie Says:

    If you find me you can friend me. I’ll just be the most boring Facebook friend ever.

  3. Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog Says:

    Ah yes, the baby bounce stroll πŸ™‚ I kept thinking I was going to wear a permanent track in our floor. For my healthy choice today, I’m choosing to drink more water!!

  4. mommy2apirateandprincess Says:

    The baby bounce… I counted my steps one day with a pedomiter and I walked over a mile just trying to get her to sleep… My healthy choice(s) is more water then coffee and walk during my sons tball practise instead of surf facebook…

  5. Mama's Happy Hive Says:

    I remember those exhausting days of walking the baby around in the carrier! I am glad that he has moved on from that now. πŸ™‚ Today, I ate steamed kale with beans & rice! YUM!

    • AmyKathryn Says:

      I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He’ll grow so quickly and not need me before I know it. (His first youth emerging today I’m sure contributed! That sounds yummy. I need to get some good greens.

  6. Mama's Happy Hive Says:

    Sorry you are sick! I hope you are on the mend…

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